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Our Frequently Asked Questions here.

This website helps to hire a photographer for you any kind photography.

Only professional photographer for any kind of category will be listed here.

Yes their work will be displayed under their profile .., it will help to give you easy comapre

People/public will visit this website for book a shot with you if they like your profile.

Click this below link and register you self as photographer .., don’t forget to upload you sample work to display to user under your profile .
Registration Now as A Photographer

our profile review team will review your profile and will approve if everything uploaded correct. Photographers will get a login id and password to check for there all activities

you will receive a notification, under photographers login page to pick the task you should approve task assigned.
if photographer don’t approve it will assign to other photographer.

Yes photographers will receive a login and password, photographers login page will allows to this photo swap activity

As of now photographer registrations and display their profile in website is free

No .., we display your photographs you uploaded only in the website under your profile.., your photographer uploaded will limit to this website only.

Any photographers which shows your skill and work and click must done you own, models should not have a problem to display then under your profile with your water mark.

Yes all photographs you uploaded will display to public under your profile. Models should not have any problem, any risk of photographs you uploaded will diverted to you.

Photographers will review a notification of user requirement .., they will asked to approve, once they approve user will get a confirmation of photography task

Generally user will get photographers after the shoot, via secure share drive to download., with the control of photographers.

As of now is no where controlling the cost of photography task assigned, it is completely between user and photographer .

Cancelation should be before 48 hours of event scheduled both user and photographer should inform before 48 hours. Less than 48 hours can chargeable subjective market risk. .